Welcome to Land of Himalayas

Warm welcome from ‘Adventure Sherpa Tracks’. We are well known trekking and mountaineering company in Nepal run by Sherpa professionals with decades of experience in trekking and peak climbing activities. Adventure is in our gene since birth and we are here to offer you the best thing we do. i.e. taking you around foothills of Himalayas, climbing peaks to reach the summit of snow capped mountains that blesses us with never seen before excellent panoramic Himalayan views while sharing our inside stories blended with rich cultural and traditional values. Our eco friendly trips at the land of Himalayas play a vital role in supporting local communities without making any negative impact on environment. With widespread networks of contacts and familiarity to every corner of trails, no one else knows our hometown better. So, Book your next trip with ‘Adventure Sherpa Tracks’. We ensure you will have the best adventure holidays ever.


I trekked up to Everest BC with Adventure Sherpa Tracks .  My guide was Lhakpa  Sherpa.  Trekking to Everest base camp  is definitely a trip you must do at least one in your lifetime. Thanks for everything Ben(Singapore)

Choosing Adventure Sherpa Tracks to plan our trip was the best thing that my friends ever made for our trip to Nepal. The guides we had, Phura Sherpa,Ngima Sherpa Lhakpa Sherpa  are professional,  and  very easy to get along with.My friends  had chosen to go on the EBC and Island peak trip and it was an unforgettable journey for us (Stephen)United states

Every reservation and tidbit of information you provided were invaluable in speeding our way along without pause and  perfect segue for our journey to Everest Base Camp( Christine and Micheal)

The trip you put together for us in Annapurna circuit  went splendid. Everything  planned it with care about our needs and expectations. Micheal Dury (New zealand)

Steve and I just wanted to tell you how much we have appreciated trekking  with Adventure Sherpa Tracks. Your knowledge and service have been outstanding, and  we look forward to trekking with you again. All the best. Annie (London)

We would like to thank you for your outstanding service! The recent Renjo Gokyou trip you customized for me was amazing! We loved the variety of lodgings we stay in and all logistics went according to plan.It was a perfect trip that I will always remember as one of our very best!!  Warm Regards,Peter (Canada)

I remember it well! An amazing, beautiful and exciting trip. We really enjoyed it and the wonderful guides. We recommend that you take this adventure!(Rihard Carothers)USA

We used Adventure Sherpa Tracks for our Annapurna Circuit Trek. It was a memorable trip for us as professionals from AST arranged everything that we need including accommodation, flights, permits and meals. They were very helpful and had in depth knowledge on local cultures with quick correct decision making ability. Thank you guys! Cheers!

Beals Mills (USA)

It was a very good Everest Base Camp Trek experience with Adventure Sherpa Tracks. They were very professional in what they do. We enjoyed our trek, walked at our own pace. They made us feel safe and there was no hassle at any points.  Avalon Alexander  (Australia)

Avalon Alexander (Russia)