Why With Us?

  1. Run by professional Sherpas:

Adventure Sherpa Tracks is operated by dedicated professional team of Sherpas with decades of experience in tourism field. Born and raised around the foothills of Himalayas, we have gained expertise in adventurous activities like trekking and peak climbing. Our friendly and helpful team members ensure that you will be delighted while you are on holidays with us.

  1. Good local connections:

Himalayas and mountains being our home town, no one knows Himalayas better than Sherpas. We have in-depth details on every track, trails, good knowledge about our own cultures, traditions, rituals and better communal relationship with fellow local inhabitants. It comes handy especially during the contingency situations like helicopter evacuation and medical help. Therefore, choosing us as your travel partner would be very much beneficial for every traveler.

  1. Safety is our major priority:

Either you are embarking on adventurous trekking, peak climbing or any of our trips, safety always remains as our primary concern. Safety refers to 100% physical and mental safety of all our staffs and clients while organizing a trip. Therefore all of our staffs are insured and it is mandatory to get yourself insured too beforehand. Insurance gives mental relief. Whereas, our well designed itineraries with adequate acclimatization points to avoid AMS and ability of our staffs to take right decision quickly during contingencies with knowledge of basic first aid medicals ensures your physical safety.

  1. Nepal Government registered company with other affiliations:

Adventure Sherpa Tracks is a Nepal based legally government registered adventure travel Company with active affiliations to tourism related organizations like TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal), NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association) and NTB (Nepal Tourism Board).

  1. Financial security without any hidden costs:

As we are legally registered company in Nepal, feel financially protected while involving in monetary transactions with us. We have clearly displayed price includes and excludes on every trip so that you have clear idea about the trip pricing and we believe in transparency in transaction without any hidden costs.


  1. Tailor made trips:

We are flexible in arranging the tailor made trips according to suggestions of our valued clients. If you are interested in any of our trips and want to modify as per your requirements, let us know. Let’s see how we can help.


  1. We follow Eco and responsible tourism policies:

Following eco-tourism policies refers to taking environmental friendly steps while embarking on any trekking and peak climbing trips. We encourage our clients to properly dispose biodegradable waste at site and carry non-biodegradable waste like oxygen bottles, plastics, batteries, tins and cans back to Kathmandu for proper disposal.

Similar to eco-tourism policies, we believe in responsible tourism policies as well that help in well being of local communities. Use of local porters, local tea houses, buying local products are the main source of income for local people.