Phura Geljen Sherpa

Phura Geljen Sherpa is a professional guide, leader and well experienced mountaineer looking forward to share his experiences and create similar adventurous Himalayan pursuits through his very own ‘Adventure Sherpa Tracks’ adventure company. He is from beautiful Panggom village at Everest region and since early days of his upbringing, he was very much influenced by hundreds of travel nomads and western mountaineers who embark in for Himalayan adventures miles away from their home. Phura Geljen Sherpa currently holds a highest internat

Ang Dawa Sherpa

Partner in Seattle WA, USA

A small beautiful village named Panggom at popular Everest region is the hometown of Ang Dawa Sherpa. He was very passionate towards outdoor adventures from his early childhood and pursued his career in this field at the age of 18. Since then, there is no turning back in his life. He just followed his passion and has been on numerous trekking & Himalayan expeditions with many visits around European countries. He holds many years of experience in leading varieties of treks and expeditions around Himala

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