Ang Dawa Sherpa

A small beautiful village named Panggom at popular Everest region is the hometown of Ang Dawa Sherpa. He was very passionate towards outdoor adventures from his early childhood and pursued his career in this field at the age of 18. Since then, there is no turning back in his life. He just followed his passion and has been on numerous trekking & Himalayan expeditions with many visits around European countries.

He holds many years of experience in leading varieties of treks and expeditions around Himalayan countries of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. From less demanding treks and tours to challenging adventures around off the beaten path, Ang D. Sherpa assures that you make the most out of your holiday time.

He also took his passion of culinary arts to next level by establishing ‘Restaurant Himalayan Sherpa House’ in Seattle WA where he offers the food that has comported him while living and leading Himalayan trekking adventures.

His says “Acknowledge your limitations but exceed your own expectation in everything you do and you can become anything”.

If you are around his area you can contact him or meet personally

Cell (206)3306533