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A nation full of amusements and enthralling experiences to be part of, Nepal has in store a gamut of activities for the tourists seeking unique experience for their holiday. Besides being an ideal place for mountaineering and peak climbing diverse landscape and variety of flora and fauna, Nepal also has a larger variety of experiences less strenuous and demanding for the visitors. Tours is one such option available to the tourists. Along with that there are several other adventurous options available.
Tours in Nepal
Splendid scenery, diversity in the flora fauna and cultural ensembles, historical and architectural masterpieces, monasteries and monuments, rich legacies of the past and breathtaking scenery are all part of the tour experiences in Nepal for outdoor enthusiasts.
While visitors tour in Nepal, they can have different nature of packages being offered to them. Wildlife Tour is one such best option. Being home to the plenty of diversity and some of the rare animals Nepal offers a lot in wildlife tours. Tours to Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, and Makalu Barun Naional Park are some of the major attractions for wildlife tours.
Cultural hotspots of Kathmandu valleys and its outskirts, other ethnic settlements, beautiful countryside are suitable for the cultural tours in Nepal. Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar square offers the tourists a feel of going through ‘time travel’ to the visitors in memory lanes of the past. Hindu masterpiece of Pashupatinath Temple and ancient Buddhist shrines of Swayambhunath and Boudhanath are all part of cultural heritages tour in Nepal. These are treats for the tourists.
One of the most beautiful city of Nepal, Pokhara is not less than a paradise for natural lovers. Beautiful lakes like Fewa and Begnas, Mahendra Cave and Bat Cave, shy Seti River and lovely Davis falls are favourites of the tourists opting the tours in Pokhara valley. Reflection of Fishtail Mountain in the Fewa Lake is marvelous scene to witness in Pokhara Tour. Architecturally rich place of Palpa displays the blend of Newari and medieval charm at the same time through Tansen Durbar, Ranimahal and others and also offers the breathtaking view through Srinagar Hill. Lumbini is the cultural treasure for the Buddhists and others alike. Sunrise and sunset views through Poonhill and Nagarkot, Birdwatching in Phulchowki are some other attraction for tourists.
Adventures in Nepal
Nepal is also a treat to the adventure seekers from all around the globe. Adventures in Nepal range from River rafting to paragliding and plenty of other options are available for the adventure lovers. Exploring the Asia’s most valuable ecosystem in Chitwan National Park through jungle safari, testing your patience in the landscapes of Nepal, wrestling with the mighty and fast-flowing rivers, being up close and personal with the resilient indigenous inhabitants and going with the gravity are some worth experiences that awaits adventurers in Nepal.
The prominent adventure options available in Nepal are Rafting, Jungle safari, Mountain biking, Bungee Jumping, Canyoning, Rock Climbing and Paragliding. Similarly, Bird watching, Horseback Riding, Snowboarding, Fishing and even the Honey Hunting, offered by some of the operators, are the other adventures option available to the outdoor loving adventurers. Greater speed and bigger water waves, waiting for the Royal Bengal Tiger and Rhino sitting on the hulking Elephants in the steaming jungles, heart wrenching bungee jump in the gorge of the formidable BhoteKoshi river gives the feeling of utmost excitement to the visitors. Thrill and excitement is always on the rise all along the adventure activities in Nepal.
In short, Nepal is home to the diverse activities in terms of tours and adventures. Get ready to experience the adrenaline pump frequently once you become a part of the adventurous activity in Nepal!